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Better bones, better life - we are the manufacturer of high-tech medical products in the highly innovative region around Munich.


The successful aid for healing bones. bone4ce works using ultrasonic waves with low intensity and high frequency.

Osteoporosis treatment - fight your pain

Low-intensity Vibration (LiV) assists with the recovery of bone & muscle in those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

About us

BTT Health – Committed to Science
Headquartered in Greifenberg we are the manufacturer of high-tech medical products in the highly innovative region around Munich in the heart of Bavaria which is a key life science location with regard to a close connection between basic and clinical research. BTT Health GmbH is a research and development company, specializing in safe intervention for illness, disease and injury. BTT Health is the manufacturer of the BTT Ultrasound bone growth stimulator 'bone4ce' as well as the 'Marodyne LiV' - Low-intensity vibration therapy platform, one of the most modern therapies providing safe, effective and drug-free treatment for osteoporosis, muscle weakness, circulation, immobility and fall prevention.

Our Products – get better, faster!

bone4ce Ultrasound

bone4ce Ultrasound

The successful aid for healing bones. Get better, faster! Read more...

Marodyne LiV

Marodyne LiV

The safe treatment against osteoporosis!

Short-term Delivery

At the beginning of the year, we expanded our production team to meet the strong global demand for our Marodyne LiV. Since then, deliveries to distributors and direct customers could be made at short notice if required. 1 week within the EU, 2 weeks to UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

Qualified Leadership Team

BTT Health Medical’s leadership team includes experts in the fields of biophysical stimulation, chronic disease and injury, and medical device research, development, and manufacturing. BTT Health’s executive and scientific leadership team has a proven track record to building a successful customer orientated relationship and developing and manufacturing novel medical devices for the professional and consumer.