About us

BTT Health – Committed to Science

BTT Health GmbH is a research and development company, specializing in safe intervention for illness, disease and injury. BTT Health is as well the manufacturer of the BTT Ultrasound Bone Growth Stimulator.

BTT Health has recently established the efficacy of low intensity vibration to safely promote overall health and wellness.

Leadership Team

Located in Greifenberg close to famous Munich Bavaria in Germany, BTT Health Medical’s leadership team includes experts in the fields of biophysical stimulation, chronic disease and injury, and medical device research, development, and manufacturing.

Acknowledged Scientific Expertise

BTT Health is known in the U.S. and worldwide as the only provider of the safe*, low-intensity vibration that is backed and supported by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes leading experts in the fields of biomedical engineering, orthopedics, osteoporosis, diabetes, metabolic disorders, obesity, trauma and reconstruction, rehabilitative medicine and stem cell biology.

BTT Health’s executive and scientific leadership team has a proven track record to building a successful customer orientated relationship and developing and manufacturing novel medical devices for the professional and consumer.

BTT Health is consulted by a team of scientists, researchers, developers, and manufacturers of medical devices led by Dr. Clinton Rubin Ph.D. Dr. Rubin, brings over 35 years of biomedical research, medical device design, and industry experience to insure BTT Health’s product pipeline is based on the most current and accurate science findings. Currently, Rubin is also SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and Director of the NYSTAR Center for Advanced Technology in Medical Biotechnology.

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